Going Out

ASK A LOCAL: 5 Ottawa personalities gush on favourite spots, biggest beefs, and hopes for the city

Jim Bryson 

Why I came to Ottawa: I was born into Ottawa.

First Ottawa job: As a youth, I was an Ottawa Citizen paperboy.

My neighbourhood: Stittsville.

Most accurate Ottawa stereotype: I dare say we still occasionally live with a small chip on our shoulder regarding other, um, larger Canadian cities.

Least accurate Ottawa stereotype: The town that fun forgot.

Five words that describe Ottawa now: Hopeful, exciting, promising, changing, alive.

Five words you hope will be used to describe the city in 15 years: A place we still love.

Favourite spot: My wife would tell me to write the Manx in here, but may I also add Union Local 613, the Wellington Gastropub, and Jon Lomow’s newly renovated house? I don’t get out much, to be honest. My yard at night is pretty special as well. (more…)