SHOP TALK: Tights, pants, and breaking the rules
Shop Talk

SHOP TALK: Tights, pants, and breaking the rules

Shop Talk is written by Ottawa Magazine editor Dayanti Karunaratne and Sarah Fischer, Ottawa Magazine account executive and fashion maven.

I still have a clipping from a paper years ago posted on my cubicle wall bringing attention to the Tights are Not Pants manifesto, which aims to put a halt to the epidemic of pantslessness under the guise of leggings.

“Let’s be clear. The wearing of tights as pants is an abomination.” 

Since then, the discussion about tights vs. pants has continuted — often to hilarious ends.

On the one side, the anti-pants-as-tights crowd says “People don’t wear pantyhose as pants, so why is it now acceptable to wear leggings as pants?”

Pardon the pun, but the argument has legs. If they are tight and show off everything, well, you are going to have people staring at you because you are letting everything hang out. Why not keep your assets covered for others’ imaginations? (For more on this debate, and how yoga pants figure into the continuum, check out this article about yoga pants banned at one Ottawa school — and don’t miss the comments section!)

However, if leggings look like pants — and have pockets on the butt and are thicker than a regular tight, then I’d say this is the limit.

But to each her own! Which is why we took notice when we received work that Canadian retailer Reitman’s is partnering with local fashion celeb and The Social‘s fashion expert Erica Wark on a tour called “Breaking the Rules with Reitmans: The Leggings Edition.”

On their tour, which comes to Reitman’s at Bayshore on Thursday, October 16, Reitman’s announces that “leggings aren’t just for the gym anymore” and their plans to rewrite the rulebook on the dos and don’ts of selecting and styling fall’s favourite fashion essential.

And I gotta admit, Erica is rocking this grunge look!

Erica Wark lays on the layers for a cute grunge look
Erica Wark lays on the layers for a cute grunge look

And so we opened our style sensibilities to other possibilities when it comes to tights, and considered the following:

Erica’s Guide to Breaking The Rules: The Leggings Edition

1. Touch & Feel: Not all leggings are created equal and it all starts with the fabric. The Reitmans leggings are made with thicker ponte fabrics which means they CAN be worn as pants. The haute grunge of the 90s is back: embrace it.

2. Lay on the Layers: Don’t be scared to toss a skirt — or even a dress! — over your leggings.

3. Stop, Drop & Roll: The almighty roll is not just for denim. These leggings are meant to be cuffed so toss on a bootie and adjust that hem for a more casual day look.

4. Rock the Crop: Sporting a legging doesn’t mean long tees are required. Change it up and try a chunky sweater or blouse for a sleeker, chicer style.

5. Let the Shoes Shine: From flats and boots to pumps and mules — the art of the legging is its ability to go with a range of footwear. Bonus? Pack a second (sexier) pair to take a look from day to night.

Love how this outfit lets the shoes shine through.
Love how this outfit lets the shoes shine through.

I like it. The dress + tights definitely works to open up outfit possibilities. Never even considered the roll! The crop, well, maybe it’s not for everyone. And anything that lets shoes shine through is a winner!

For more on tights, pants, and breaking the rules (or playing it safe) head to Reitman’s at Bayshore on Thursday, October 16. Erica’s Shop’n’Style party will focus on the Reitmans leggings collection while highlighting fall’s hottest trends. The post-work cocktail parties — complete with tipples and nibbles — will give customers access to an exclusive shopping experience with Erica, as well as special in-store promotions.

October 16, 6 pm to 8 pm
Bayshore Shopping Centre, 100 Bayshore Dr.