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ROADTRIP: Millers’ Farm in Manotick for pick-your-own pumpkins

The contents of my trunk after a visit to Millers' pumpkin patch and market

During a stint in Rotterdam, I promised my then three-year-old daughter that we’d take her on the “Pannenkoekenboot,” the famous Pancake Boat. We had heard that the one-hour Maas River cruise/all-you-can-eat pancake buffet was not just a touristy favourite but also a bona fide Dutch family tradition. We arrived at the dock an hour in advance and were delighted to find ourselves third in line. We watched as hundreds of people arrived, my daughter’s excitement growing exponentially with each passing minute. I cannot describe the look on her face when boarding time began and we were told that reservations were required and the cruise was sold out. We’d have to step aside and try again next weekend. (more…)