MY LOOK: Capital Fashion Consulting’s Rosina Mahlangu chats winter wear, healthy body image, and upcoming events


Above left: Rosina Mahlangu is wearing a floral blazer from Rikochet Resale in Westboro, and her dress is from Forever 21. Her jewellery was bought in Barbados, and her shoes were purchased in Toronto. Above right: Mahlangu sports a pinstripe blazer from H&M and a white pleated Moon Collection dress from Milk Boutique. Her vintage jewellery is from St. Vincent de Paul, and the black shoes she purchased in Toronto. Photography by Lucyna Bakowska.

Interview by Vanessa Ortynsky

Originally from Zimbabwe, you grew up in Toronto. What made you decide to establish yourself in Ottawa?

After graduating from Carleton University in business law last spring, I thought, What am I going to do with my life? I’ve always been passionate about starting my own business, and if there’s ever been a time, this is it. People are often surprised that I’m pursuing fashion in Ottawa, but there’s potential here. (more…)