Get there now! Holland’s Cake and Shake closes March 10
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Get there now! Holland’s Cake and Shake closes March 10

His sandwiches are handheld perfection, his cakes miniature artworks that merge indulgence, pleasure, and whimsy. And so City Bites Insider was devastated last week to hear that the Pastry Overlord, a.k.a. Michael Holland, is shutting up shop. Holland’s Cake and Shake (229 Armstrong St.) will close at the end of the business day on Saturday, March 10.

Before that happens, you can guarantee we’ll be stopping by for a couple of ingenious sandwich creations, some homemade soft serve, and as many cakes as we can scarf down in the limited time left.

Holland’s pic-a-nic sandwich of summer 2017 incorporated mac & cheese, fried chicken, potato chips, and other picnic favourites into one ingenious sandwich. Photo by Christian Lalonde/

The bad news, obviously, is that Cake and Shake will be no more. The good news is that Holland will now be baking his famous milk bread, as well as cookies and brownies, for Morning Owl, which is scheduled to open in his former Holland Cake and Shake spot in early May. He will also be baking for the Morning Owl at 538 Rochester.

City Bites Hot Tip: Do stop by Morning Owl and see what Holland is up to. He promises to be baking sandwich bread, some sweet treats, and a breakfast line of goods. We’re hoping that his loyal fans will convince Morning Owl to take a page from the Holland recipe book, adding chips to their sandwiches.

City Bites Hot Tip #2: Keep an eye out for Holland’s famous cakes. In his new gig at Morning Owl, he will continue to make large birthday cakes by pre-order. Perhaps his mini cakes will make a reappearance by popular demand? Start lobbying!