MAKING IT WORK: Open marriage in Ottawa

MAKING IT WORK: Open marriage in Ottawa

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Greg and Holly Harris have been together for 11 years; their relationship has always included seeing other people (Photo: Tony Fouhse)

Greg and Holly Harris navigate the tempting, tumultuous waters of extramarital partners. FATEEMA SAYANI talks to the couple about first kisses, booty calls, and their secret to securing satisfaction

Open Marriage: Can it work work?
Greg and Holly Harris think so, though they don’t know any other way of approaching their relationship. When they met 11 years ago, they started dating casually and agreed to continue seeing other people on the side. As the relationship progressed to cohabitation and then to marriage nine years ago, they re-evaluated their decision at each stage: do we still want an open relationship?

Yes, because having extended relationships outside their marriage allows each of them to have their needs met — and not just that need. For example, Holly, 33, likes to try new restaurants; Greg, 36, prefers to eat in.