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HOT STUFF: Chilies are front and centre in this roundup of the city’s spicy dishes

Winter is upon us: have you had your capsicum today? By Anne DesBrisay

This green mango salad from Siam Bistro is as pretty as it is hot! Photo by Lalonde.

Chili peppers, such pretty little tricksters. Just look at that beautiful mango salad – all pretty in shades of pink, accented with sweet little rings of red. Think of those rings as alarm bells. An authentic Thai salad (a yum) is as biting as it is beautiful, thanks to the power of the wee bird’s-eye chilies. But chilies do more than clear the sinuses: they are powerful antidotes to winter, loaded with vitamin C, among other good things. From the gentle lip tinglers to the breath robbers, chilies should be as much a part of your arsenal for fighting off winter’s worst as your scarf and toque. These dishes are burning hot. Keep your hanky handy. (Find this green mango salad at Siam Bistro, 1268 Wellington St. W., 613-728-3111, (more…)