SOUND SEEKERS: The Cardboard Crowns Return to Ottawa
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SOUND SEEKERS: The Cardboard Crowns Return to Ottawa

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The Cardboard Crowns play Zaphod Beeblebrox on March 1 (Photo: Yves Elou Legare)

 The Cardboard Crowns look like they’re having a damn good time in their capes and regal headgear. Their stage antics and sound recall some of the jaunty knee-tapping styles of ‘90s Toronto (think Moxy Fruvous, Barenaked Ladies, and The Shuffle Demons), tossed in with a ska-skate punk influence that brings to mind the early days of Hollerado.

The corrugated kings will be centre stage at a showcase taking place at Zaphod Beeblebrox on Saturday, March 1. The lineup includes Ottawa act Finding Chuck and London, Ont.’s The Baxters.

The Cardboard Crowns have roots in the area; two of its members met in Aylmer and the band grew to a four piece as it expanded upon its garage-band roots into a group with more commercial appeal. The band won $5,000 in prize money from the Live 88.5 FM Big Money Shot competition and played the opening spot at K-OS’ New Year’s Eve gig in the capital.

The band, now based in Toronto, are back Saturday to play at their favourite hometown venue. Click HERE for tickets.

The Up and Up Concert Series continues with the Mehdi Cayenne Club on Feb. 27.

The soulful Sound of Lions can be heard at The Black Sheep Inn on Saturday, March 1. The band has a new album out in April, which you can read all about HERE.