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SOUND SEEKERS: The Reverb Syndicate vibrates with cinematic impressions

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The Reverb Syndicate
Jeff Welch, Lauren Hart, Mike Bradford, Michael Sheridan, Katie Bonnar, James Rossiter. Photo by Lisa Marie Noseworthy

The Reverb Syndicate have cast a cinematic shadow on the Ottawa scene. Over three albums — including their newest release, Mondo Cacti — the band has crafted surf tunes that are all instrumental, but manage to say plenty.  The moods range from sinister-spy-movie to beach-blanket-bingo-boffo. Their songs are like soundtracks to non-existent movies; the fun is in making pictures in your head.

For the unimaginative, bass player Jeff Welch can fill in the details. He says the band’s new album is like Endless Summer meets Fistful of Dollars. (Hang ten, Stranger!) Their pop culture-referencing gives ‘em cred with music and cinema nerds. (more…)