Artful Musing

THE ARTFUL BLOGGER: Jonathan Hobin is being eyed by Time Magazine — and debuts his latest exhibit at the Shenkman Arts Centre

By Paul Gessell

"The Ring" has never been displayed in Ottawa. Photo by Jonathan Hobin.

I have to admit that Orleans is not my favourite destination, especially when road crews are repairing a car-swallowing sinkhole on Highway 174 and motorists are sent on perplexing detours badly in need of proper signage.

But enough about my problems. Despite the detours and despite the fact Orleans is not a frequent destination for art lovers, there is a good reason to head east to the Shenkman Centre and see the latest exhibition by Ottawa’s photo-artist extraordinaire, Jonathan Hobin.

The Hobin exhibition, Attic Urchins, at the Shenkman Centre is in the gallery run by the Ottawa School of Art. There you will find about a dozen of Hobin’s craftily staged photos.

Some of these images will be familiar to Hobin’s fans. Some are from his Mother Goose series in which costumed children acted out various nursery rhymes. Some of these rhymes veer into the dark side. In Jack and Jill, young Jill seems to have had a very bad fall, indeed. Her knees are skinned and she appears to be crying tears of blood. (more…)